Large Scale Data Management

#DistributedSystems M2 MOSIG

Big Data: Foundations and Tools

#DistributedSystems RICM4, Polytech'Grenoble

Foundations of failure-free distributed algorithms : model, syntax, scalar clocks, wave algorithms, state computation. Simulation with the Sinalgo tool.

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Conception des Systèmes d'Exploitation et Programmation Concurrente

#OperatingdSystems M1 Informatique, UFR IM2AG

Principles of operating system management, with a focus on memory management, process management, file systems, concurrency & synchronization.

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Projet de programmation système/OS Programming Project

#OperatingdSystems M1 Informatique, M1 MOSIG, UFR IM2AG

One-month, full-time programming project during which students program the management systems (processes and threads, memory allocation, file system management and network communications) of an operating sysytem. We are using the NachOS system even if it has been a while that we are planning to move forward.

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Systèmes et Réseaux

#OperatingdSystems L3 Informatique, UFR IM2AG

Introducing the user side of teh story : operating system's user interface (processes, signals, pipes) and introduction to networks (protocols, DNS, notions of reliability, bandwidth, latency, socket programming)

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Traitement de données à grande échelle

#DistributedSystems M2 GI, UFR IM2AG

Introducing the big data problem and the Hadoop and SPARK frameworks.

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Introduction to Distributed SYstems

#DistributedSystems M1 Informatique et MOSIG, UFR IM2AG

Teaching the foundations of distributed systems spanning the notions of architecture (client-server, P2P, till cloud), protocol, infrastructure, communication paradigms and algorithms.

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