I am associate professor in Computer Science at the University Grenoble-Alpes (UGA) since September 2004. I am member of the ERODS team of the LIG laboratory. I am interested in providing mechanisms and strategies for system observation and system configuration to ensure optimal system dimensioning. My research finds its applications in large-scale systems including multi-core embedded systems, HPC and cloud computing.


2015 HDR in Computer Science, University of Grenoble, France
2003 PhD in Computer Science, University of Grenoble, France

PHD Position Available / Offre de thèse SMART SCALING for MICROSERVICES
A PHD position is available to work on the SCALER project on smart-scaling of microservice architectures. The subject brings together the challenges and excitement of machine learning, distributed architectures, Kubernetes and containers. If you are interested in becoming a cloud microservice expert,
contact me and check the official job offer
Un doctorat est à pourvoir dans le cadre du projet SCALER sur l'élasticité intelligente de microservices. Si les défis de l'apprentissage automatique, les microservices, Kubernetes et les conteneurs vous passionnent,
contactez-moi et consultez l'offre officielle.


July 2022 Our ANR project proposal SCALER has been accepted! With EOLAS B&D, Orange Innovation and INRIA Spirals we will be tackling the problem of smart microservice scaling.
July 2022 Our AMI CMA project proposal VerIT has been accepted! The UGA schools undertake the challenge of teaching sustainable ICT.


Expert HCERESEvaluations
Eureka Projects Evaluations
Member of the first jury for the Agrégation d'Informatique national contest
PhD Thesis Jurys, Associate Professor Recruital
Organization EduPAR, EuroPAR, SRDS, ComPAS, SBAC, Grid5000 School
Reviews ComPAS, ICCS, SOCA, SPE? TSI, SRDS, BigData, DAIS, DSN, FGFS, JPDC, Middleware
Administrativia LIG Counsil (2014-2020)
Counsil of the UFR IM2AG School (2014-2019)
In charge of the first year of the Master in Computer Science, UGA (since 2019)
PhD Liaison at LIG (since 2020)
QVT Liaison at LIG (since 2020)
Women - Men Equality I invest myself in actions helping the empowerment of women, especially in the field of Computer Science. I am member of the Femmes & Science association and help organising the Filles et Maths : une équation lumineuse day.